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Patio Door Basics: Styles and Customization Options to Consider – Part 3: Other Considerations – Customization Options

When you’ve already decided which patio door style to install, the next step is hiring a premier door company that not only carries high-quality replacements but offers extensive customization as well. After all, you’ll want a patio door that sets off your home’s architecture and exterior palette, which in turn, helps it make a bigger impression from the curb.

Other Considerations - Customization Options

Here are the five essentials you should consider when designing your perfect patio door:

  1. Interior and Exterior Colors/Finishes. Matching your new patio units perfectly with your home’s style should be fun! . For example, you can choose classic white and canvas to accentuate your Colonial, Tudor or Contemporary home. For Cottage and Cabin-style homes, go for doors that mimic wood-stained finishes to highlight their warm, rustic charm. Pro tip: Make sure the colors are durable and fade-resistant to ensure maintenance-free performance.

  2. Door Trim. You can further enhance the look of your new patio door with the right trim color. This may range from classic wood to bold yellow, although to make it work, you’ll need to take door style and your home’s interior color into account. Choose bright white for white doors and cream interior walls, for instance, to achieve that clean, airy look. You can use wood trim for French doors and contemporary white interiors to add architectural interest.

  3. Stylish Hardware. Don’t overlook the finer details when customizing your new patio doors. Make sure they come with safe and reliable hardware. Some door companies offer a specific range of levers, cranks and locking systems for a particular door style. This doesn’t just ensure style, but smoother operation, as well.

  4. Hardware Finishes. Considering the color of your hardware is also crucial because this adds to the overall look of your new door unit. While uniform finishes in white, stone, or canvas will do the job, why not choose metallic ones instead? Hardware in metallic finishes, whether they’re nickel, brass, chrome or bronze, can provide that glossy, elegant look to your new patio door.

  5. Grille Options. Both French and sliding glass doors can be enhanced with your choice of grille. This may range from Colonial and Prairie, to Tall and Short Fractional options. These ensure your new doors help your home stay true to its style.

Patio door replacement is an investment that will be used on a daily basis, so it’s important to make the right choice. Take into account door styles and customization options, and you’re sure to find a new unit that will meet your home’s functional and aesthetic needs. To make the most of your investment, make sure you only work with a reliable door contractor in your area.


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