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3 Effective Ways to Resolve Your Common Sliding Door Problems

Fixing stuck doors shouldn’t be expensive or difficult. However, doors that stick can lead to more serious problems. 

3 Effective Ways to Resolve Your Common Sliding Door Problems

When it comes to quality doors, some people prefer sliding doors because they allow natural light and fresh air to enter your house. Having this style means you have to slide it whenever you want the air to circulate in your home. However, even if you don’t use them often, these doors can still have problems. This is why it is essential to know common solutions for your sliding door problems. Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta shares them in this post.

  1. Get Rid of Unwanted Debris. Dirt, mud and other impurities that get stuck along the track can clog the rollers of your sliding patio doors. To bring the smooth motion back, you have to clean both rollers and the track. You have to take off the doors first for you to check the rollers. Once the rollers are removed, clean them using denatured alcohol. You can also apply oil by using silicone spray.

  2. Replace Broken Glass. Your French doors provider advises fixing broken glass immediately. This should be done to avoid injuries. If you think you can do it yourself, make sure that you remove all the remnants carefully. Install the new glass that you have ordered and secure it with tacks.

  3. Change broken latches. If using oil is not effective, then you have to replace it. Carefully remove the lock and ensure that what you will buy is the same as the old one. If not, then make sure that it is compatible to the broken one.

You spent money to buy fixtures that will help you achieve your desired look at home. Proper maintenance is needed to preserve the artistry of your sliding patio doors. If you want to ensure that your door problems have been resolved, allow professional contractors to help you do the job. Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta is here to help, no matter how simple or serious your door problem is.

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