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5 Signs Your Patio Door Needs Replacement

Certain home improvements, such as door and windows installation and replacement, might help you save money on your utility bills. These improvements will also significantly increase the value of your property, should you decide to sell it in the future. Additionally, having well-performing patio doors is critical for protecting your home from harsh exterior weather and situations. 

So how do you know when it’s time to consider replacing your patio door? Consider upgrading to a new door if you detect any of the following seven signs.

  1. Operational difficulties: Are your patio doors difficult to open, close, or lock? Warping is one possible cause of aging and faulty hardware. The door has aged and is frequently exposed to harsh weather. If your door unit is sticking, jamming or making a loud noise when you try to use it, it is likely worn out and has to be replaced.

  2. Condensation: Your patio door’s panes might accumulate moisture and air. This occurs when your door unit’s seal begins to deteriorate. Other issues include excessive humidity or faulty door installation. Getting a new door may help maintain your home’s insulation and energy efficiency.

  3. Cosmetic damage: Patio doors can dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal. But they can’t do that with cracks, peeling paint, scrapes or dents. Consult a reputable double-hung windows and door company to see if the aesthetic damage can be repaired or if a new door is needed.

  4. Gaps around the door: Check for holes around the frame of your current patio doors. Any opening, no matter how little, can have a detrimental impact on your home’s energy efficiency. These holes, if left neglected, allow outside air to enter your home while also allowing heating and cooling energy to escape.

  5. Higher Energy Bills: Old or damaged patio doors let drafts into your home, reducing comfort and increasing power expenditures. In the summer, these doors might let conditioned air out, increasing cooling expenditures. See if the temperature changes as you approach your patio door. If so, you should acquire a new one.

You don’t have to wait for visible damage to do a replacement. If you notice any of these problems with your patio door, now is not the time to wait! The sooner you get in front of the problem, the more money you can save yourself in the long run.

Your sliding patio doors will be professionally installed by Renewal by Andersen® factory-trained experts to ensure a perfect fit. Every door is covered by our lifetime limited warranty, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your sliding patio door is protected.

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