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A Closer Look at French Doors

Whether it leads you to a refreshing garden, a breezy beach or a cozy balcony, a French door is undeniably stylish and stunning. With color and finish of your preference, this addition to your home will improve your life.

A Closer Look at French Doors

Still, has it ever crossed your mind howFrench doors got their name? Renewal by Andersen is here to further explain the origin of this exquisite product.

What Are French Doors?

A French door has a number of glass panes extending for most of its length. Oftentimes, French doors are referred to as patio doors since the term French doors is simply a real estate vocabulary.

Even so, one should not mistake this type of door for the usual sliding patio doors. Their styles, for starters, are very different. Sliding patio doors are more suitable for modern looking homes whereas French doors match classic ones. In addition, French doors have hinges that make them open outwards while sliding patio doors open by gliding along their track.

In addition to its beautiful features, French doors are also a good investment for poorly-lit houses. They allow natural light to penetrate rooms because of their several large glass panels. Furthermore, they give the illusion of more space in a home and make pathways to other rooms more accessible.

Where Did They Come From?

Back during the French Renaissance period, while at war, people living in France were exposed to new types of art and architectural styles. One of them was having big doors that led to open spaces. Hence, the birth of French doors.

From the sixteenth century until now, French doors have been a wonderful touch to homes. Get yours now from premier window and door expert Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta. Call us at (888) 908-3332 to get started!. We serve Atlanta, Marietta and the surrounding communities in GA.


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