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Patio Door Basics: Styles and Customization Options to Consider – Part 1: Sliding Glass Patio Doors

Taking notes from the sliding Shoji and Fusuma panel doors in traditional Japanese architecture, this patio door style has become a staple in modern homes across the United States. Sliding glass patio doors operate via tracks and feature panels with expansive glass areas. They typically don’t include grilles, resulting in uninterrupted views of the outdoors. Sliding glass patio doors usually come with two panel sections, but are counted as a single unit. You may opt for the type that:

Sliding Glass Patio Doors

  • Has one fixed panel and one operable you can slide open or close.

  • Has two operable panels you can slide in opposite directions, like a double door.

Why Sliding Glass Doors May Be Your Best Option

Choosing sliding glass patio doors makes perfect sense when you need:

  • Increased Square Footage. You no longer have to worry about furniture placement, orientation and room layout when investing in sliding patio doors. Their space-saving benefits make them an attractive home feature. Because they don’t swing, these doors don’t get in the way of any furniture or item you may have on your patio or deck, allowing for a smoother flow of movement.

  • Smoother Door Operation. How easily you can open and close your sliding glass patio doors will depend on the brand you choose. Premier door manufacturers use dual-ball bearing rollers and self-contained leveling adjusters in their door units. This results in easier adjustment and even smoother operation, limiting sticking and jamming.

  • Improved Curb Appeal. Sliding glass patio doors feature clean lines, minimal framing, sleek design and expansive glass. They work particularly well in modern homes because of their streamlined appearance, which you can complement with neutral interior/exterior colors and hardware in metallic finishes. Dividing the glass with grilles or just leaving it bare is your prerogative.

  • Greater Indoor-Outdoor Connection. When it comes to linking your interior and outdoor living spaces, sliding glass patio doors can deliver. Their uninterrupted glass helps with this, maximizing your home’s viewing area while allowing the beauty of the outdoors inside, even when the doors are closed.

  • Increased Energy Efficiency. With their large glass area, sliding patio doors allow a large amount of natural light to enter your home. Aside from brightening and opening up your home, this also helps lower your energy bill as it reduces dependence on artificial lighting during the day. Just make sure your doors come with low-e glass, which helps reduce heat transfer. This way, you can enjoy a cooler, more comfortable home, minus the high energy costs.

Want something more traditional to suit your home’s needs? You should consider hinged French patio doors. We’ll be discussing this great option in Part 2 of this blog series. Stay tuned!


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