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Sliding vs. French Patio Doors: The Better Choice?

Both sliding and French patio doors offer a great, seamless transition between your outdoor and indoor living spaces. You can’t go wrong with either option since they both increase your home’s style, energy efficiency and security. However, you might find out that either one of these choices can better fit your home depending on your needs. In this post, the authority on windows and doors, Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, helps you decide on this matter.

Sliding vs. French Patio Doors

Your Home’s Style

Both sliding and French patio doors can be installed in any kind of home. However, it would be better if your doors are in tune with your home’s architectural style as it also plays a significant part in it as well. French patio doors work well with traditional homes that feature rustic interiors, while sliding doors resonate well with modern homes that are accented with beautiful windows.

Demand for Natural Light and Outdoor Views

Do you consider natural light and your outdoor view a significant factor when choosing French doors or sliding patio doors? If you lean towards having more natural light, sliding doors are the better pick for you, especially if your home has limited space. French doors are a great pick since they have a large glass area that lets you take a good view of the outdoors. When it comes to preventing harmful UV light from entering your home, both of these doors do a great job as well.

Your Home’s Space

One of the biggest deciding factors when choosing a new door is your home’s space. Keep in mind that French doors open inward, so you’ll need to have a generous amount of indoor space to accommodate them. Conversely, sliding doors are a great option for those with limited space since they only operate through the use of a horizontal sliding rail.

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