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Why Do Sliding Doors Fail?

Nowadays, sliding doors have a more durable design and are more sturdily built than their older versions. However, due to certain factors like extreme weather and other unfortunate circumstances, it’s still possible for a sliding door to develop problems or to fail.

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Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, a reputable window and door expert, lists some of the most common reasons why sliding doors fail.

Faulty Installation

Much like any part of your home, a sliding door that has been installed poorly can cause problems. That said, make sure that you are hiring a reliable contractor to carry out the job. This lets you avoid any costly mistakes as well as the hassle of redoing the installation or repairing your new door.

Use of Incorrect Lube

Sliding patio doors require proper maintenance, which includes ensuring correct lubrication of the bearings. You can’t use just any type of lube for the bearings of your sliding door. Using the wrong lubrication can create undesirable friction, which can then lead to excessive heat and premature metal wear.

Hair Buildup in Bearings

If you have pets at home, you might want to be more diligent in checking and cleaning the bearings of your sliding door. The hair of your dog or cat can get caught in the bearings and accumulate over time. This can make it difficult to open and close your door. At some point, the bearings might even stop rolling completely.

Poor Alignment

If your sliding door falls out of alignment, adjust it as soon as possible so that it can continue rolling properly. Don’t wait for the problem to get bigger and cause more serious damage. This kind of issue is often due to regular wear and tear, poor installation or loose screws.

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