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Window Seal Failure: The 5 Usual Causes

Any window replacement contractor will tell you that the seals are an important part of your windows. This is because they’re the component that prevents heat from escaping your home during the winter and keeps the cold air in during the summer. Apart from that, they’re also what prevents drafts from entering your home. As such, it’s vital that your window seals remain intact so long as your window is installed in your home. Unfortunately, there are some instances when your window seals can fail. But how exactly does that happen?

Here are the five typical causes of window seal failure.

1. Temperature – Since your window seals are located by the external facade of your home, they can be subject to extreme temperatures and unfortunately, prolonged exposure to these extreme temperatures can cause your window seals to shrink or sag. As a result, this reduces or completely eliminates your window’s weather protection capabilities.

2. Poor Maintenance – According to experts, maintenance neglect is one of the main reasons why your window seals fail over time, resulting in repairs that can be costly to complete. With that in mind, be sure to keep up with your window’s regular maintenance requirements with the aid of a professional. That way, your window can remain in top form.

3. Age – On the other hand, if your windows are a few decades old and you notice that the window seals are beginning to fail, it’s likely that age is the cause. If this is the case, it’s best that you have them removed and install replacement windows immediately to prevent the damaged windows from wreaking havoc on your monthly bills.

4. Mold Growth – If your windows regularly suffer from condensation and you don’t wipe the excess moisture away immediately, mold can grow on your windows. According to professionals, the mold can easily destroy the seal’s effectiveness, especially if it’s made from rubber. Therefore, be sure to always clean the affected area with an alcohol-based cleaner if you notice any mold growing on your windows.

5. Elements – Window seals may be designed to withstand whatever the elements throw at them but they do have a limit on what they could take. For instance, if you live in an area that sees heavy rain for days at a time, the water can seep behind it and cause it to lift, resulting in its eventual failure and allowing water and cold air to pass through.

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