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3 Reasons to Invest in Energy-Efficient Picture Windows

Windows are a big investment. They can brighten up your home and add style to its overall design. Windows also protect the interior from different outside forces such as the weather, insects, temperature and even thieves. 

3 Reasons to Invest in Energy-Efficient Picture Windows

This is exactly why many homeowners spend time choosing the right type of window. They want something that can last for many years, rather than replacing their windows every couple of years. But the selection process should not end with the longevity of the windows. You should also consider the benefits they can provide in the long run.

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing the right window for your home. But did you know that you can actually earn back the money you’ve spent if you’ve picked the right one? Read on a your trusted home improvement experts from Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta share why it pays to invest in energy-efficient picture windows.

  1. Save Energy and Save Money

You don’t have to spend too much on electricity bills. Picture windows allow generous amounts of light to enter the room, reducing your need to rely on artificial lighting.

  1. They’re Easier to Clean

Unlike windows that can be opened, picture windows are stationary. Dirt cannot accumulate on the inside. This means less work and less expenses on cleaning.

  1. They Don’t Leak Air From Inside

Picture windows are fixed. They don’t have a sash mechanism to operate. Therefore, the cold air from the air conditioner can rarely escape when you have tightly installed picture windows.

Recoup your expenses with quality doors and windows from the right contractors.

At Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta, we offer picture windows that are energy-efficient, and much more. Call us today at (888) 908-3332 or fill out our contact form for a free estimate. We serve clients in Atlanta, GA.


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