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4 Signs of Window Seal Failure

All windows need to be maintained and inspected regularly to ensure that they’re performing at optimal levels. Doing so gives you the confidence to know that your windows are in great condition and maintains your home’s comfort and energy efficiency. However, due to excessive wear and tear, there will come a time when your windows will fail. In this post, your replacement windows expert, Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, shares the four signs of window seal failure.

Window Seal Failure

1. Glass Fogging. If you notice fog buildup within the panes of your windows, this means that they have lost their insulating properties by a significant level. Fogging is caused by water droplets due to the weather changes and buildup of water vapor that are coming from the leaks in the window seals.

2. Drafty Windows. If you notice wind drafts from your windows, this means that air is already leaking in and that your seals have already deteriorated. This results in energy loss since the air inside your home leaks through the gaps in your window, thus, wasting the heat or cold that has built up inside your home. To test for leaks, moisten your hand and put them near the seals to feel if there is wind blowing through them. If there are, contact your window replacement contractor to assist you with the situation.

3. Warping. Your window frame can warp due to the sudden temperature changes, causing them to shrink or expand. In some cases, a warped window can even compromise the structural integrity of the material. If you notice warping on your window frames, have it replaced immediately by your trusted window replacement contractor.

4. Energy Bill Spike. One of the most prominent signs of a failed seal may not even come from your windows. Since your HVAC unit is constantly working to keep your home comfortable, you might notice that you’re using it more often to maintain the temperature within your home, resulting in a spike in your energy bill. If you notice this, try to take a look at your windows to see if the seals are still functional and if they need to be replaced.

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