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4 Signs That Indicate Window Seal Failure

Unless you live in a house with single-pane windows, your windows have seals, and those seals can fail. Understanding what window seals are and how to identify if they’ve failed will assist you in detecting any issues as soon as they arise. 

4 Signs That Indicate Window Seal Failure

Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, one of the top local window and door companies in the area, shares signs indicating window seal failure.

1. Fogging on Glass

Occasionally, “foggy” windows are caused by dirt and debris adhering to the glass panes. Cleaning them inside and out is a good idea. If they continue to be foggy, the issue is with the glass itself. This is particularly true in the case of double-paned windows. It’s a sign that inert gas is escaping from between the panes, which means your window can’t insulate as well as it used to.

2. Deformation of the Framing Material

Extreme temperature variations can strain and distort the window framing material. The problem can become so serious that it jeopardizes the entire window assembly’s structural integrity. If this is the case, you must get the affected windows replaced as soon as possible.

3. Drafts

These are also indications that the airtightness of the seals surrounding your windows has deteriorated. To determine if you feel any drafts, wet your palm and run it over the edges of the panes close to the seals. If you sense air blowing through, there could be microscopic breaches that allow the outdoor air to enter your home. Contact a window repair professional as soon as possible.

4. Increase in Energy Consumption

Unwanted external air can wreak havoc on your home’s internal comfort levels by entering via the holes where the broken seals are located. Check your next utility bill to find out if the costs have risen unexpectedly. If this is the case, consider replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones.

How to Deal with Window Seal Failure

When the seals on your windows break, the elements have an easy way in. In order to make your home comfortable, you’ll need to use the air conditioner more in the summer and the furnace more in the winter.

Window replacement is your sole option for keeping your home energy efficient. Fortunately, the windows you can find on the market today are more durable and tend to last longer. At Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta, our replacement windows are made with top-quality materials, including our exclusive Fibrex® frames and the High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass.

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