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4 Window Cleaning Hacks to Try in Winter

While some may not mind cleaning their home’s windows, many dread this task, regardless of the weather. It can become even more dreadful during the cold winter. So to avoid doing the dirty work while it’s snowing, most homeowners choose to give their units a good wash just before the cold season sets in – in the hopes that they will remain clean until spring.

But what if they don’t? Keep in mind that windows require regular maintenance to keep working and looking great. To help you sort this dilemma, Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, the leading provider of replacement windows and French doors, shares some tips.

1. Remove dust and dirt. Before anything else, make sure you clean out dust, dirt and debris around your windows. These items tend to build up in the tracks and panes, which can affect the way they operate. Regular cleaning makes sure they will open and close with minimal effort.

2. Use window cleaning solutions. It’s recommended to use alcohol-based solutions during winter because they easily break up dirt while preventing moisture from freezing. You may also use these solutions to clean your sliding patio doors and remove any dirt stuck on its tracks.

3. Clean using cold water. The logic behind this is, when you wash your windows using hot water, it may cause the glass to break due to a sudden and severe temperature change. During cold weather, it’s always best to use cold or room temperature water when wiping off dirt from your windows.

4. Use a squeegee. Many opt to use a newspaper when cleaning windows, but they can easily leave marks on the frame. Using a squeegee will make it easier for you to clean or dry your window panes thoroughly.

For more handy window maintenance tips like these, you can turn to Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta, the leading provider of windows and doors in the area. Get in touch with us by calling (404) 947-5300 or by completing our contact form. We serve residents in and around Atlanta, GA.


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