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Choosing Between Casement and Double-Hung Windows

When choosing windows, it’s important to consider how the window looks but also how it can create a passage for light and air to flow through your rooms. The choice in replacement windows installation nowadays can become daunting simply because of the countless choices available. Apart from the actual size of the windows, how you operate them and their energy efficiency is most important.

Double Hung Windows

Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta discusses this topic further.

A Tale of Two Windows

One of the first choices you’ll make is between double-hung windows and the casement type. While both are stylish, offer good ventilation and can seal tightly, they are quite different.

The double hung type slides up and down, with top and bottom sashes that fit right into the frame. They don’t open all the way but let in light and air quite freely. The casement sort of installation, on the other hand, uses a lever lock to operate and may be opened up to 90 degrees.

Energy Efficiency

To say that one type is more efficient than the other is a mistake. The two window types function differently when conserving energy. Double hung windows’ sashes fit snugly in the window frame and prevent air and heat from escaping. As for casements, the windows fit just a tad more snugly than the former.


When you’re talking about ventilation, the answer is the same. For the double-hung window, the air can freely flow into the room because of how the opening slides up and down; in fact, you can even slide it in such a way that there’s an opening at the top and bottom. This is useful in kitchens, for example, where you need to naturally ventilate the room; the warm air goes out the top opening, while cool air from outside enters the room from the bottom opening.

As for casement windows, the way they open actually catches the air and directs it into the house when opened from a certain angle. Casement windows form a tight seal with the frames when closed, though, so this inhibits warm air from escaping when you need it most.

At Renewal by Andersen, we offer both styles of windows that will fit your home and your needs. Call your local Atlanta window installation professional at (888) 908-333 to get a quote.


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