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Cleaning Windows: How Frequently Should You Do It?

While windows play different roles in your home, they don’t often receive the care they deserve. For them to last long and stay appealing, they need regular cleaning. Your windows might get dirty quickly, depending on where you live. This means you may need to clean them more often.   

Keep reading to discover how often you should clean your windows. 

How Often Should You Clean Windows?

With clean windows, you will enjoy clearer views of the outdoors, and your home’s curb appeal will be enhanced. Failing to clean your windows can lead to several problems, including staining. When not addressed, this problem may require you to get a window replacement earlier than expected. Accumulated debris can also result in cracking.  

Experts recommend monthly window cleaning. When the pollen count is high, you might need to do this task more frequently. If you live in a place where dust and pollen are not big concerns, you can clean your windows every two months. 

The Importance of Regular Cleaning

The more neglected your windows are, the more likely they are to develop damage. With built-up debris, the glass will become less clear. And if your windows have visibility problems, natural light won’t get through them. It means you might need to use artificial lighting more, increasing your energy costs. 

Your windows can also suffer from the weight of dirt, making them more prone to damage and early failure. Neglected windows can also attract small creatures, such as bugs and spiders. When you clean your windows regularly, you can eliminate cobwebs and keep insects from your living space. 

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