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Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Old Windows

Getting new windows and doors is certainly an exciting time for any homeowner. During the installation, your contractor will start by removing the old fixtures first. Disposal of old wooden doors and windows is typically handled by your installation company, however, you might want to reconsider getting rid of all of them. If you’re replacing wooden windows, there are a few ways to upcycle them into beautiful and useful centerpieces than can give your interiors a well-deserved upgrade.

Creative Ways to Upcycle Your Old Windows

Here are a few window recycling ideas from our design specialists from Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta to help you get started.

Rustic Mirrors

There’s a certain quality to old wooden textures that evoke a peaceful and rural setting. Use old elongated mirrors to accentuate a coat hanger with that classic old-timey feeling. Replace the old glazing with silver mirrors so it can double as a handy way to check yourself before you head out your matching French doors. Don’t forget to keep its wood grain to really hammer in that bucolic motif.

Vertical Gardens

Liven up a screened-in porch with a vertical garden filled with lush greenery. Use the space between the muntins on an old wooden window as planting areas for small succulents surrounded by a layer of moisture-retaining moss cover. You can find ready gardening kits for small indoor gardens in your local gardening shop. Don’t forget to lay down the beds horizontally during its first four weeks to allow the roots to take hold before hanging it on a wall.

Cabinet Faces

Space-savvy and enterprising homeowners can even use hinged windows as a face for a wooden cabinet. This useful recycling idea is perfect to get an on-going recycled motif started in your interior decor. Match it with other practical upgrades like sliding patio doors for a more iconic look.

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