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Does Your Homeowners Insurance Cover Broken Windows?

Broken windows are unsightly and dangerous. They can also compromise your comfort and security as well as cause problems in other parts of your home. They must be addressed immediately to keep your family safe and comfortable.

When getting a window replacement, many homeowners consider filing claims to cover the project costs. Read on to find out if homeowners policy pay to replace broken windows. 

It Depends on the Cause of Damage

Your homeowners insurance may cover for the cost of your new windows depending on what caused the damage. In a named-peril policy, only the incidents or perils specifically stated on the policy will be covered. On the other hand, an open-peril policy covers damage caused by various types of risk to your property. 

For instance, both policies will cover your replacement windows if the damage was caused by a severe storm. However, if the windows broke when a large object fell through them, you may not be covered by a named-peril policy since it doesn’t usually cover accidents. 

What Policies Usually Don’t Cover

Generally, homeowners don’t provide coverage for normal wear and tear. This is because maintaining your windows is your responsibility as a homeowner. Your claim will likely be rejected if the damage was due to negligence. 

If your window breaks when it was hit by a heavy tree branch during a storm, you’ll be covered. However, if it breaks because water penetrated through neglected seals, your insurance provider will consider this wear and tear. They may state that the cause of the broken window is not the rainstorm but your failure to maintain the unit. 

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