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Drafty Windows: Causes and Solutions

Drafty windows, or windows that let in a noticeable gust of air even when closed, happen for many reasons. Regardless of the reason, though, that window (or windows) are already compromised. Some repairs may be necessary, but more often than not, it’s a symptom of something much worse. Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta recommends total window replacement for these issues. 

Drafty Windows: Causes and Solutions

Still, it’s worthwhile to learn why it happens in the first place so you don’t make the same mistake in the future. While our windows are unlikely to spring an air leak, it doesn’t hurt to care for your windows the right way. And you can start by minding these things.

Damaged Frames

Wear and tear on windows often happen because of the changing seasons. During summer, frames expand due to the heat, while they contract during winter, when it’s cold. A professional window replacement contractor points out that wooden frames especially are susceptible to this, and doubly so. 

When wood expands, water from water vapor tends to fill the pores in the wood, which doesn’t allow it to go back to its original size when the heat is gone. As a result, it will look warped and swollen, and water molecules in the air during winter will make it brittle.

Fortunately, our frames don’t suffer from the same maladies. Our replacement windows use Fibrex® frames, a composite material. It looks like wood and it’s as strong as wood, but shares none of its weaknesses.

Worn Weatherstripping

Weatherstripping used to be just a rubber tape that seals doors and windows against the cold. If your house has a history and you’ve bought it minimally renovated, chances are your window weatherstripping hasn’t been brought to code. In this case, replace your weatherstrips as soon as you can—even when the windows themselves aren’t drafty. It’s just a matter of time.

Bad Installation

Contractors who replace your windows without knowing the full specs of your window opening or the windows they’re installing are prone to overlook a few things. Unlike them, Renewal by Andersen makes our own windows, and our installers know every bit of the window they’re installing. And our windows are made to order too—which means our windows are as unique as the homeowner that ordered them, tailored specifically to the design and needs of their home.

Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta is the prime authority in windows, doors and fenestrations. We take pride in our superb craftsmanship and excellent after-sales services. To learn more about what we can offer you, call us today at (404) 491-0124 or fill out our form. We serve residents of Atlanta and nearby areas.


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May 25, 2016

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