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Getting Your Windows Ready for Spring

Doing a bit of spring cleaning? Don’t forget your windows! To help you get started, Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, your local window replacement contractor, shares some tips on getting your windows ready for spring.

Clean Your Windows 

Dirt and all kinds of debris may have accumulated on the window glass in winter. If you’re going to use commercial cleaning solutions, make sure to check the label for chemicals that might damage your window. Manufacturers usually include a list of chemicals to avoid in the manual. A safer alternative would be to use a homemade cleaning solution made from either dishwasher liquid or vinegar. Make sure to use distilled water instead of tap water—trace amounts of minerals in tap water can leave behind white streaks on your windows.

Inspect Your Windows 

Winter can be harsh on your exterior, especially your windows. Subzero temperatures may have damaged the glass sealing on dual-or-triple-pane windows. The space between these glass window panes has been filled with argon, a colorless and non-toxic gas that blocks heat transfer. If the sealing has been punctured, argon will slowly leak out and moisture will start to infiltrate the insides of your window, reducing your window’s energy-efficiency and fogging up the inside of the window glass.

Keep in mind there’s no way to reseal insulated window glass. That’s why condensation inside the window glass is a sign you’ll need a window replacement soon. A window replacement might not seem that urgent in spring when weather conditions are relatively mild. However, don’t forget that windows account for 25–30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. The sooner you can fix a drafty window, the better.

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Gerald & Jennifer, Cartersville GA (March 1)
May 25, 2016

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