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How Do New Windows Give You Peace and Quiet?

During this time where we’re mostly at home, we want to live in an environment that’s comfortable, peaceful and quiet. One way to achieve that is by getting new replacement windows. In fact, today’s windows are designed not only to make your home beautiful and energy-efficient, but they can also block out exterior noise as well.

How Do New Windows Give You Peace and Quiet?

In today’s blog, Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, explains how getting a new window makes your home much more peaceful and quiet.

Sound Transmission Coefficient (STC)

Your window’s sound transmission coefficient refers to how well your window blocks exterior sound waves. A conventional double-pane window can have an STC rating of around 28 to 32. The higher your window’s STC number is, the better it blocks out noise from the outside. In busy places like bustling neighborhoods or areas near airports, windows need to have an STC rating of around 35 to 40 to keep the occupants comfortable. 

In fact, the more energy-efficient your windows are, the less the exterior sound will make its way into your home. If your windows have excellent insulating properties, you can expect less noise. Choosing high-quality window replacement products will definitely help with your home’s acoustics.  

Fibrex® Windows

Here at Renewal by Andersen®, we offer replacement windows that come with High-Performance™Low-E4® glass. This coating lets natural light pass through your home while blocking harmful UV radiation which enhances your home’s daylighting. Our Low-E coating protects your home’s interior from fading due to exterior elements while keeping your home quiet. The excellent insulation helps your home maintain comfortable temperatures in the summer and winter seasons.

Last but not least, you have to ensure that your windows are properly installed to prevent excessive noise from coming in. If your home has a gap, such as faulty weatherstripping or sealant, it could create noise that can distract you from living comfortably. Make sure that your windows are installed properly along with the proper caulking and weatherstripping to keep noise levels low.

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