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How Do You Create a Patio Focal Point?

Your patio space arguably is one of the most versatile spaces of your home and it can definitely benefit more from having a beautiful focal point. When executed properly, a focal point can elevate your patio’s design and will allow you to have a more spacious and beautiful outdoor space. It can even increase your home’s resale value by a sizable margin. 

How Do You Create a Patio Focal Point?

In this post, one of the top experts on windows and doors, Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, shares how you can create a focal point for your patio.

Position the Seats Toward the View

Regardless of whether your patio is on the ground level or if it’s elevated, you should maximize the view in this area. Arrange the seats in a fashion where it’s oriented towards a magnificent view. Whether it’s a beautiful cityscape, a stunning mountain range, or striking greenery, positioning is everything. When shopping for outdoor furniture, it’s important to pick styles or designs that will complement your view. For example, if you have a view of the beautiful forest, you can pick shades of green that go well with it.

Install a Patio Door

Sliding patio or French doors are options you can’t go wrong with, as long as you install them in the right spot in your patio. When you have a wide selection of materials, like those offered by Renewal by Andersen, you can achieve a patio design that will be the focal point of your outdoor living space.

Use a Beautiful Outdoor Rug

There are times when you don’t have to add too much to your patio space to create a beautiful focal point. In fact, you can just add a stylish outdoor rug to enhance your patio space which can create an inviting and cozy atmosphere. When you’re designing your patio, make sure that you create a color scheme based on the rug that you’ll add.

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May 25, 2016

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