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How Glass, Glazing, and Gas Make Windows Energy-Efficient

When choosing a window, don’t just look at the common features, such as durability, design and functionality. You should also consider the window’s ability to cut energy costs, because doors and windows can be major contributors to your home’s heat gain.

Many window companies are now innovating their windows to be more energy-efficient. Nowadays, some types of windows are specially manufactured for energy efficiency. These windows have improved frames, gas spacers and fill, and glazing glass features. These specialized features allow them to achieve maximum insulation, reduce heat gain, and eliminate condensation.

In this post, Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta shares some of the factors that make windows energy-efficient:

1. Glass

There are simple glass panes and insulated glass panes. If you’re looking for more efficient windows, you need to pick the latter. This type of window has two glasses separated by a special gas (usually argon) at the center, which provides excellent thermal insulation.

2. Gas

Why do windows need special gas to control temperature? The gas placed in most insulated windows is the key ingredient to reduce heat exchange through the window. Combine this with insulated sliding French doors and your room will surely feel cozy at all times.

3. Glazing

Glazing or coating the glasses can also increase your home insulation system. Coating the glass means blocking the transference of cold, heat or sunshine into your house. Multiple barriers of glass increase the window’s ability to resist heat and insulate your home.

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