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How Its Style Affects a Window’s Overall Performance

When considering the different window styles for your window replacement project, you should look beyond its aesthetic and energy efficiency benefits. How it functions and how you use it every day also matter. We take a look at two of the most popular window styles – casement and double-hung windows – and how they are ideal for most windows installation situations.

How Its Style Affects a Window’s Overall Performance

Air Leakage

Air leakage is an important consideration when choosing replacement window styles. Less air leakage means better energy efficiency. It also protects your home from rainwater leaking through gaps in the window. While most quality replacement windows have weatherstrips and other materials that protect against such leaks, hinged window styles such as casement windows have inherent resistance to air leakage thanks to their design. The sashes press against the frames, whereas most window styles slide on tracks.


Effective ventilation involves two openings in a room: one opening to vent out stale air, and another to cycle fresh air in through the resulting air pressure. While technically most window styles are capable of forming such openings, both casement and double-hung windows are ideal for such applications.

Casement windows are ideal for large rooms, as their hinged design allows full use of the entire window opening – perfect for large rooms that require quick ventilation. If the wind direction is right, an opened casement window can also “scoop” the breeze into the room.

Double-hung windows are a special case, as the dual-sash design can be opened in such a way that there are two openings; the one at the top works as the vent, and the bottom works as the inlet. This makes double-hung windows ideal for small rooms that can accommodate only one window.

Custom Windows

The best way to get the windows that your home needs – without compromising on its other benefits – is to hire a window company that builds custom windows, like Renewal by Andersen®. While the aforementioned window styles are available as off-the-rack pre-built units, you don’t get the same level of fit, performance and warranty coverage that custom windows offer.

Learn more about the benefits of custom double-hung and casement windows. Call Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta today at (888) 908-3332 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free estimate and in-home consultation. We serve many areas in and near Atlanta.


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