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How Often Should Windows Be Cleaned?

How often should you clean your windows? Ideally, at least once a week, but if this isn’t possible, the frequency will depend on your area’s weather conditions as well as other environmental factors. What are the usual culprits behind dirty windows?

Hard Minerals 

There should be no need to wash your windows after it rained, right? After all, the rain should’ve washed away all the dirt on the window glass. Well, not exactly—rain run-off that contains trace amounts of minerals can leave behind white streaks on windows once it evaporates. The same goes for sprinklers—tap water contains trace amounts of minerals as well.

Here’s a cleaning tip: If you’re making your own cleaning solution, avoid using tap water. Otherwise, the squeegee might leave behind white streaks after wiping off the solution. Use distilled water instead. If you prefer commercial cleaning solutions, make sure to check the label for chemicals that can damage your windows. The same goes for your doors.

Grease and Steam

You need to pay attention to your kitchen windows, which are usually the dirtiest windows in the house. It’ll take quite a bit of elbow grease to remove stubborn stains and splatter on the window glass. And grease stains will only become harder to remove the longer they stay on the glass. That’s why you should clean your kitchen windows frequently.


As long as your home has adequate ventilation, your pets’ fur shouldn’t be a problem. What you need to worry about is their slobber, especially since dogs just love to press their noses against windows. Their noses, not to mention their dirty paws, can leave marks behind. For more cleaning tips, you can ask your local home improvement contractor.

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