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How to Determine if a Window Seal Has Failed

A proper seal is required for replacement windows to function correctly. The window should open and close easily. Although there should be no air leaking through when the window is shut, many homeowners are astonished to hear that window seal failure is all too prevalent. 

Understanding what window seals are and how to identify if they’ve failed will aid you in detecting any issues as soon as they occur.

What is a Window Seal?

One of the primary differences between single and double- or triple pane-windows is the existence of window seals. Windows with seals are made up of two or three panes of glass separated by an inert gas thermal spacer or a partial vacuum. To prevent the gas/vacuum from escaping and pollutants from penetrating, the series of panes and spacers are sealed together at the edges.

How Do I Know If My Window Seal Is Broken?

  1. Windows Appear Dirty Even After Being Cleaned

A damaged window seal lets in dust and debris. On windy days, tiny particles are stuck between the panes. Bugs of all sizes may get in. Seal failure causes debris to accumulate between the panes, even if you have cleaned both inside and outside of your windows.

  1. Windows Appear Deformed in the Middle

The inert gas or vacuum pocket is designed to be in balance with the glass panes in sealed windows. It leaks gas or replaces the vacuum with air if the seal fails. This can affect the window pane’s structural stability, creating visible alterations. A windows contractor will help you check for distortions by observing the window from various angles and distances. Commonly, distortions begin at the glass’s center.

  1. Condensation Between the Panes of Glass

Window seals work by forming a thermal barrier between the interior and outside of the window. A faulty window seal exposes the space between the windows to temperature and humidity changes. Condensation occurs when moisture gets trapped between the panes and mostly happens during periods of warmth and humidity.

How to Deal With Window Seal Failure

Unfortunately, you can’t just replace failed seals. The best way to remedy a foggy or warped window is to replace the insulated glass unit. Someone who knows how to properly dismantle windows so that the old one can be removed and the new one can be installed should perform the work.

Window replacement is a complex task best left to the pros. This job necessitates expertise. Manufacturers teach installers to identify potential issues and deliver the best solution. They can work faster and more efficiently, reducing the time your home is exposed to the weather. 

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