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How to Troubleshoot and Fix a Sticky Sliding Door

There are many reasons why sliding doors stick. Fortunately, they’re either avoidable or easy to fix. Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta discusses the causes of, and solutions to, sticky sliding doors.

What Makes Sliding Doors Stick

One of the most common causes of sticky sliding doors is thermal expansion and contraction due to temperature changes. All materials expand and contract depending on the temperature outside. When the door sashes expand against the frames, it becomes tight, making it difficult to open and close. 

Sometimes the track and/or rollers would be clogged with dirt and grit. The track and rollers are located at the bottom of the frame, which means it’s easy for it to collect dust and dirt from everyday use. Door hardware may also get damaged from wear and tear.

How to Fix a Sticking Patio Door

Similar to sliding windows, sliding patio door sashes are removable. Before taking steps to clean your sliding doors, check your warranty first. The exclusions list things that may void the patio door warranty. First, check how the door is aligned to the frame. Close the sliding door with the sash just touching the frame. If there’s a gap at one end but not at the other, adjust the rollers using the adjustment screws located along the bottom, protected by a plastic tab. Adjust the door angle and try the door again.

If the door is still difficult to operate, you will need to clean the track and rollers. Our patio door sashes are removable for cleaning, but you shouldn’t do it alone, as the doors can be very heavy. The sashes can be removed from the frame after unscrewing the stop bar at the top, being careful to brace the door sashes to stop it from tilting. Place the door sashes flat on a work table, and clean the rollers at the bottom using a clean cloth. Use a nylon brush to remove dirt and debris from the track. Apply silicone lubricant, and put the door back in its place. If the rollers appear to be damaged, it can be replaced by your local Andersen or Renewal by Andersen dealer.

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