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How Your Windows Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Windows provide picturesque outdoor views and contribute to a healthy environment by promoting good indoor air quality and reducing humidity levels. Your HVAC and air purifiers can only do so much to improve your indoor air. But with the right windows in your home, you can boost ventilation and air quality in these ways. 

How Your Windows Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

Condensation Removal

Condensation occurs in homes with excessively warm or cold air. Condensation causes droplets or moisture to form on windows, raising indoor humidity levels. You can use dehumidifiers to remove condensation, but simply opening windows can do this quickly too.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Humidity increases air moisture, leading to mold and mildew growth. Mature molds and mildews release spores, polluting indoor air and posing health risks. With windows such as double-hung windows, you can significantly reduce humidity and prevent the possibility of mold and mildew growth.

Significantly Reduce Effects of VOCs

Volatile organic compounds evaporate easily into the air. They are released when a material is heated, and they react with other chemicals in the air to release heat, light and vapors. Opening windows reduces the effects from VOCs, particularly headaches and breathing or respiratory issues.

A Cooler Property

Opening casement windows improves airflow in your indoor spaces. Kitchens especially benefit from this because ventilation removes airborne grease and humidity caused by the heat from cooking. Lastly, improved airflow prevents moisture from gathering on wood frames, furniture and other moisture-retaining materials.

Minimal Home Repairs

Reducing humidity and increasing airflow can improve your property’s durability, prolonging the life span of various building components. Generally, wood finishes can resist small amounts of moisture as long as the area is well-ventilated.

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