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Jalousie Windows: Rise, Fall and Modern Alternatives

A piece of trivia: did you know that the jalousie window was derived from the French word jaloux, which meant jealousy? Apparently, its design provoked jealousy from outsiders because those inside a home with a jalousie could peer outside, but one outside couldn’t see inside. This outdated notion came to refer to an outdated window type in itself during the 1960s when central air conditioning became common.

Rise, Fall and Modern Alternatives

In today’s post by Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, your local window replacement contractor, we share what ultimately made jalousie windows fall out of favor with discerning modern homeowners.

A Question of Era

In the late 40s, jalousie windows—also called louver, slatted or crank-out windows—became popular because of their ventilation. They were also widely used in hot climates partly because of this reason. Another advantage is that the slanted “slats” allowed rain to roll off to the ground outside and blocked direct sunlight while still admitting air and natural light (especially those using glass).

Another reason it became popular is its ease of operation, states your window replacement expert. Jalousies feature an array of slats set into a frame by a track. You operate them by pulling a handle or crank (hence its other name) that opens the slats.

A Question of Energy

Today, jalousies have become divisive among homeowners because a series of slats do not offer a weathertight seal like other, more modern window types. This is especially concerning to homes with air conditioning and heating, which made jalousies more of a liability. Plus, jalousies can be detrimental to home security, as an intruder can simply pry the metal tab that attaches the slats to the frame and remove the slats, which means they don’t even need to break the glass to enter.


Modern casement and sliding windows, especially those manufactured by Renewal by Andersen, offer the same ease of operation and ventilation as jalousies but without the drawbacks. Plus, both types look great on mid-century homes, unlike jalousie windows that will look tacky and out of place. These windows offer unmatched views and seamless transition while preserving energy efficiency.

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