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Prevent Frost on Windows With These Smart Tips

Winter is upon us, which means we’re bound to experience a drastic drop in temperatures. This could lead to frost on your home’s windows. While it might look pretty, frost could actually cause a lot of  trouble if it builds up.

Is it possible to prevent frost from forming on your windows? Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, your go-to home improvement company, discusses its causes and shares tips on how to avoid it this cold season.

How Frost Forms on Windows

Humidity, the water vapor that causes heaviness in the air, forms condensation on windows. When temperatures drop in winter, condensation then turns into frost or ice. They can weaken wood and other frame materials, which can affect your windows’ performance. When they melt, they can also promote mold and mildew growth, mostly due to the presence of moisture. It’s important to resolve this issue before it becomes a health risk to your family.

Tips and Tricks to Prevent Window Frost

Here are some tips you can try, so you can enjoy the cold weather without having to worry about frost on your windows.

  • Damaged pipes can release water vapor into the air. Make sure all plumbing and gas appliances don’t have leaks and repair any issues as soon as you spot them.

  • Use a dehumidifier in rooms that often have moisture, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

  • Store plants in a single room. Be sure not to water them directly to avoid trapping excess moisture in the air.

  • If possible, stick a rolled up towel on the edges of your windows to absorb any excess moisture.

If you’re having issues with frost on your windows this winter, you can always turn to the windows and doors experts at Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta. We’ll assess your windows thoroughly to determine if a repair or replacement is necessary to keep your foundation healthy.

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