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Simple Fall Window Cleaning Checklist

Just like any part of your home, such the roofing and doors, windows need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. With fall fast approaching, you want to prepare your window for the new season as soon as you can. Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta shares with you a simple fall window cleaning checklist you can follow to ensure that you’re well-prepared for the oncoming season.

1. Clean Your Blinds and Shades. Since these materials are the first layers that come in contact with your window, they’re also the first one to collect all kinds of dust and debris on a regular basis. Make sure that you dust them down to remove pollutants in your home, especially with the colder months approaching. You can clean it with a long vacuum to catch as much dirt as you can, especially in hard to reach areas.

2. Wash Drapes and Curtains. Just like your blinds and shades, your drapes and curtains collect dirt and dust on a regular basis. As you’re preparing for fall, this is the perfect opportunity to take them down and clean them thoroughly. Make sure that your curtains can be tossed into the washing machine, otherwise, dry cleaning will suffice.

3. Clean Your Interior Glass. Just because the outer surface is the one exposed to the elements, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to clean the inner side. Over time, dust and dirt from inside your home can gather on your window’s surface and cause them to look unkempt. As such, it’s important to clean the interior glass to free them from residue, streaks or stains to keep them looking fresh. You can clean them with a dust-free microfiber cloth or call on your window replacement and cleaning specialist to give it a thorough cleaning.

4. Look Out for Leaks and Cracks. Check your windows for any signs of leaks and cracks if there are any. If you happen to spot them, call on your window repair expert to handle it to prevent any further damage and maintain your home’s energy efficiency and comfort.

5. Clean Exterior Glass. Compared to interior window cleaning, exterior glasses need more preparation with more materials and equipment such as cloths, squeegees, ladders and window cleaning products to clean out completely. We recommend that you leave this to us to ensure that your windows are sparkling clean and ready for the new season.

In need of replacement windows for the new season? Call on Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta! We offer the best windows and doors on the market today. You can trust our skilled contractors as they will do their best to find the best materials that will work for your home and budget. Call us at (404) 491-0124 or fill out our contact form to get in touch with us. We serve clients in Atlanta, Marietta and greater GA.


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