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The Weird and Wonderful History of Glass Windows

Windows are a ubiquitous feature in homes and buildings, yet property owners don’t think of them often unless it’s time to clean them or are experiencing problems. These static fixtures have a storied history that, today, may seem unusual or downright strange.

At Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, we do more than just install your windows. We also like to educate our customers with interesting facts about windows. In this post, we share some of the weird and wonderful details about glass windows.

Glass Is a Recent Invention

Using glass in windows is a fairly recent invention. Before they could be mass-produced, the panes were made of different materials ranging from paper and cloth to animal hide. Some window panes were even made of thin slices of marble.

The first recorded glass window was most likely produced by the Roman Egyptians in about 100 A.D. We say glass but these were rudimentary and extremely thick and virtually impossible to see through. The transparent glass we know today would only be invented a millenia later.

Glass Windows Were Pricey

Glass panes on windows and doors were also considered a luxury during the 1600s. Only the exceedingly wealthy had them and they set people back so much that they only installed windows in important rooms.

Glass was an aristocratic feature and was so rare that people even took down the windows when they weren’t in use. By the 17th century though, advancements in glassmaking made it a more readily available commodity and houses were filled with the once rare material.

Stained Glass is an Ancient Art

Stained glass windows are a common feature in churches and cathedrals. Even though these attractive glass panes come in different colors and aesthetics today, manufacturers still employ the same method developed during the middle ages. Though a common sight in public properties, stained glass is also used in home improvement; specifically in bathrooms, gardens and living spaces.

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