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Tips to Consider When Adding More Sunshine to Your Home

Every homeowner wants a good amount of sunlight in their interiors. If you’re planning to add more sunshine to your home, it can be difficult if you’re doing this yourself. This is because there are several factors to consider to ensure you get more sunshine properly in your home. This includes how your room is designed, how big it is, and whether the sunlight shines in that area of your home at all. 

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With such factors to think about, it can be overwhelming without hiring a professional contractor. By working with a trusted home improvement designer such as Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, we’ll help you throughout the design process. This also includes selecting the right products that let in more sunlight while they enhance your home’s interior design! 

Which Areas Can Get More Sunshine?

The rooms that are on the north side of your home can get constant light throughout the day, but just about any area in your home can get a good amount of sunshine. If your kitchen or bath looks dark and dreary, consider adding a skylight to brighten up the area. But depending on their size and how they’re designed, it helps to plan carefully to achieve the most efficient and satisfying results.

While adding a skylight in the kitchen or bath has different effects than adding a window, you don’t have to limit yourself to skylights to let in more sunshine. Some areas of your home may have windows that naturally catch the low-angled rays of the winter sun, which is something that skylights aren’t able to do. You can even consider sun tubes or tunnels for areas in the middle of a structure, such as a hallway, and they’re also great for smaller spaces in your home.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

Make sure to determine where the sun starts and ends in your area. If you’re planning to install a skylight on a sloping roof that’s facing north, you can get a soft, diffused light throughout the day, but it won’t always be as bright as normal sunlight. Skylights on roofs that face south, however, are liable to overheat rooms. Make sure that you get a gray- or bronze-tinted glass that blocks the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This is to protect your wooden furniture from the bleaching effects of direct sunlight.

When it comes to top-notch windows and doors, Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta is the best expert you can count on. If you live in Atlanta and the surrounding GA areas, get in touch with us today at (404) 491-0124. You can also fill out our online appointment form!


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