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Understanding How Insulating Gas Fills Work

As the leading window replacement contractor in our area, Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta installs some of the most energy-efficient windows on the market. We designed our windows with several features to enhance their insulating properties. For instance, all of our window glass packages feature insulating gas fills within their window frames. Today, we’ll explain how those gas fills work:

Understanding How Insulating Gas Fills Work

Understanding Low-Emissivity

This term refers to a material’s ability to emit an energy based on its surrounding environment. When it comes to energy efficiency, the lower the emissivity of a material, the better. Windows radiate a certain amount of heat depending on their emissivity level and the temperature of their glass surfaces. So when you reduce a window’s emissive qualities, you also improve their thermal performance.

The Purpose of Gas Fills

As a window replacement expert, we made sure that our products come with insulating gas fills in-between their glass panes. We use inert gases, such as argon and krypton, to improve a window’s thermal efficiency. The gases lessen the amount of heat transfer across the window. The sun’s heat will have a hard time getting into your home.

You can check if a window uses insulating gas fills by checking the window specifications. This is usually found along the bottom, inside the window’s track. You will find two small holes along the spacer: one where the gas enters the unit and one where air leaves.

Our Energy-Efficient Windows

Aside from insulating gases, all of our insulating gas packages come with plenty of energy-saving features. For example, we optimized the width of the air space between the two panes of our window glass for maximum energy efficiency. We also use a stainless steel low-conductivity spacer to further reduce heat transfer through our windows. We also secure the two panes of glass using a specially formulated silicone seal and a compressed butyl seal. This greatly reduces the risk of seal failure and air leaks.

Count on Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta to provide you with replacement windows that meet your needs. We complement our energy-efficient products with excellent customer service and a smooth and stress-free window installation. We serve many areas in and around Atlanta. Call us today at (888) 908-3332 for more information about our windows. You can also get a free estimate and in-home consultation.


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May 25, 2016

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