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Understanding Summer Window Condensation

When warm air comes in contact with a surface that is much cooler, condensation happens.

Understanding Summer Window Condensation

You might experience this during summer when the inside of your home is cool but outdoor temperatures are anything but. 

So, when your windows start sweating during summer, is it a reason to panic and call for an immediate window replacement? Read further to find out.

Behind Window Condensation

As mentioned above, window condensation is connected to the temperature outside and inside your home. However, it is not that simple. The performance of your windows is also a factor.

The low-emissivity coating on the windows has something to do with its sweating. As the weather heats up, the coating traps the heat outside, so it can stay cool in your household. Condensation is a sign that your windows are weathertight and energy-efficient. With low-E coating, your AC will not have to work as hard. 

Condensation may happen a lot during summer, but rest assured that even your sliding patio doors are just doing their job keeping the heat outside.

What Can I do?

You are now aware that condensation is not a bad thing, but even so, some homeowners do not like the look of a sweating window, especially when they have a terrific view outside.

To avoid condensation inside your windows, you can start reducing the humidity inside your home. For starters, you can vent your gas appliances outside. Furthermore, you have to ventilate your attic and run exhaust fans while cooking and showering.

Unless you have the power to control the temperature outdoors, there is pretty much nothing you can do about condensation outside your window. The best thing you can do is let it be unless the sweating is not connected to the temperature. As the day progresses, the sweating will dry out and you can enjoy looking outside your windows again.

If your windows are not experiencing condensation during summer, this might be the best time to take advantage of home improvement services and invest in a well-performing window like the ones manufactured by Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta. Call us at (888) 908-3332 for more information about our products and services. We serve Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding communities.


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