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What Causes Window Condensation in the Summer?

During the summer months, you might notice that your windows begin to “sweat.”  You’ll notice this on your window’s surface as you use your air conditioning unit. Worry not as this is a normal occurrence even in the summer.

In today’s post, the top windows company, Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, explains why window condensation occurs even in the summer.

Why Does Window Condensation Occur?

Most homeowners know that condensation is a common occurrence during the winter months due to the difference between the indoor and the outdoor temperature. It can also happen in the summer when homeowners tend to ramp up their air conditioning units to combat the blistering summer heat. Normally, condensation isn’t a big concern if it is at minimal levels since windows are designed to withstand a substantial amount of moisture. Condensation can disappear naturally once your air conditioning unit has turned off and the outdoor temperature rises.

How Can I Reduce Indoor Humidity

The key to preventing condensation is to keep indoor humidity at minimal levels. While a little condensation buildup doesn’t call for a replacement windows project, it’s a great idea to keep indoor humidity levels as low as possible since there are some areas that build up condensation more than others. Here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Ensure that your HVAC system and vents are properly working to reduce indoor humidity.
  • Keep your exhaust fan running whenever you’re cooking in the kitchen or taking a warm shower to drive the steam and smoke out of your home.
  • Double-check if your attic and crawl spaces are well-ventilated. To prevent clogging or buildup, you can use a vapor barrier to prevent water infiltration from occurring.

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