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What Causes Your Old Windows to Rattle?

Rattling windows can be annoying as well as ruin your peace and quiet. Not only are these windows bothersome but they also indicate something is wrong with the unit. Different things can cause your windows to rattle.

Learn what causes this problem and how to address it from a trusted provider of window installation services.

Compromised Weatherstripping

Windows that aren’t secured and airtight will rattle during high winds. When they aren’t holding up well, conditioned or heated air can escape from your home and outside air will enter, causing discomfort. Weatherstripping may be what your noisy windows need. This is an effective solution to minimize window rattling.

Loose Sash

Like all components of your home, windows deteriorate as they age. Older windows are more prone to damage brought by harsh weather and elements. When weather extremes hit your area, the sash of your windows may fit property in its track, causing the units to rattle when hit by the wind. You may apply weatherstripping to your casement windows if they are experiencing this problem.

Loose Glass

Loose window glass can allow unconditioned air to leak into your home, increasing air conditioning demand. The harder your HVAC system works, the higher your energy bills will be. To fix this problem, apply caulk on the gaps between the sash and the glass using a putty knife. Make sure to fill the gaps completely.


When not maintained regularly, wood windows can rot due to moisture. Constant exposure to rain or water can cause the wood to become soft and eventually rot. Your windows will rattle once the sash doesn’t fit within the frame anymore. If repairs aren’t enough to address the rot, window replacement may be necessary.

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