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Which Way Should Casement Windows Open? Some Considerations

One of the most popular window styles today is a casement window. They crank or pivot in one direction making them an excellent alternative to your traditional sliding window. But should they open from right to left or left to right? While there are no set rules, trusted replacement windows contractor Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta shares a few things to consider before deciding on what kind to get.

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Consider Your Dominant Hand

When installing a casement window, it is recommended that you select one that matches the direction of your dominant hand. It may not seem like a big deal but you’ll find it much easier to open a casement window that is hinged on the right side if you are right-handed. While any casement window can be opened with either hand, matching it with your dominant hand can be especially important if you are installing it in difficult to reach areas.

Consider Ventilation

When it comes to window installation, ventilation should always play a key factor when trying to determine what type to get and where to position it. A great way to promote cross-breeze with casement windows is to place them on different sides of the room and to have them open in opposite directions. This configuration can help catch the breeze and have it circulate around your house more effectively.

Consider Aesthetics

Architects and designers agree, casement windows look best when the hinged side is close to the center of the room. Casement windows are one of the most attractive types of windows available but having them installed in the wrong place and in the wrong orientation can definitely be an eye-sore and will cancel out their natural beauty.

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