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How To Plan Your Window Remodel – Part I: Knowing When It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

The first step in replacing your windows is confirming that, indeed, your home does have a need for new windows. While there’s a lot that has been said about replacing your windows to suit your sense of aesthetics, for most people, window replacement is a matter of pragmatism, i.e., when the windows no longer work, then it’s time to swap them out for ones that do. Here are things to watch out for:

How To Plan Your Window Remodel – Part I: Knowing When It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Drafts coming from or around the window – some might consider replacing a window to help regulate their homes’ temperature. Your window is, after all, part of the seal that keeps your home’s indoors separate from the environment outside . It doesn’t do to ignore drafty windows – window problems have a way of getting bigger if left alone. If you’re feeling the wind blowing around your window, or the glass is abnormally cool or warm to the touch, you should probably replace the window.

Difficulty opening and closing the window – if the main concern about your home’s windows is a matter of functionality, then being able to open and close your windows without undue effort should be a consideration. If you’re having problems manipulating the window sash within the frame, how can you expect the window to fulfill its role as a means to control the air flow and ventilation within the room?

High energy costs – if you’re spending more on heating and cooling than you think you should, then odds are your windows are no longer performing their function properly. Alternately, you could also be hearing more noise coming in from the outside than usual. If your windows are letting in more sound, then chances are they’re letting other stuff in, too.

Physical damage, signs of aging and/or rotting – there comes a point when the only thing you can do about the damage to a window is to replace it. If the window is visibly damaged, or shows clear signs of deterioration, especially if it could pose a danger to people, then it should be replaced.

So you’re replacing your windows; how do you pick which type of window to install? More on this in part II.


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