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How to Prep Your Home for Door Installation in Atlanta

Whether you are installing new entry doors in Atlanta, or having your old doors replaced, it is advisable to take several preparations before proceeding with the project. This will make your door installation project easier, and protect your home from any unnecessary damage.

Prepare the area where you will install your door

Make sure you move any furniture that might get bumped or damaged. If you have a bookshelf near your door, wrap it with any piece of cloth.

Clean the area

You don’t want to step on shards of wood or any particles while having your door installed. It’s also vital to work only with the materials that are necessary for your project. You wouldn’t want pieces of paper mixed into your door finish, or confuse your clock screws for your door nails.

Remove your old door or leave the job to your contractors

If you are replacing your old door, you must first remove it, including the threshold. Carefully unscrew your old strike plate. This is the metal plate that is attached to the doorjamb. Remove the flexible wood strip from the original threshold. If this part isn’t present, you would need to chisel the surface flush or cut out the whole sill.

Not everyone can do this procedure on their own. To make sure it’s correctly done, we recommend that you contact your trusted contractors if you are planning to have new doors installed.

Hire a certified contractor

While some people are capable of replacing or installing doors on their own, we still recommend hiring a professional to do the job for you. Our trained specialists are equipped with the proper gear and tools necessary to ensure the success of the job.

You can check with us regarding the type of doors we offer such as sliding patio doors and French doors in Atlanta. For more information on door installation or replacement, and if you need expert services, call us today at (888) 908-3332 and we will be happy to assist you.


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