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The Makings of the Right Entry Door: Frame and Glass Options

A good-quality entry door can transform the way you experience your home. Its beauty and functionality relies heavily on the materials it is made from. In this entry, we discuss the best options for framing and glass.

Framing Options
As a general design rule, your entry doors in Atlanta should match the overall architectural theme of your home. If you have old-fashioned décor and structures, the best match would be traditional-looking doors.

When it comes to bringing out old-world charm, no other door design can match traditional French doors.Many models use exterior wood panels with a clear base finish for a natural, weather-beaten look.

More advanced variations such as Frenchwood® hinged patio doors from Andersen® feature a composite exterior reinforced with glass fiber. The result is a door with an attractive appearance and minimal maintenance to boot. Andersen also has a line of Frenchwood gliding patio doors. The frames are covered with a rigid vinyl sheath for added appeal and more convenient upkeep.

On the other hand, if you live in an urban pad with more contemporary interiors, we recommend Andersen’s Perma-Shield® gliding patio doors. Many designs feature thinner frames, which makes the unit look sophisticated and sleek.

As with Frenchwood doors, an outer vinyl sheath is added to the rigid wood panels and frame. Perma-Shield units slide over dual ball-bearing rollers for easier operation. The smooth glide contributes to the weathertightness that prevents water and drafts to get inside the home.

Andersen has another line of sliding doors, Narroline® gliding patio doors. The interior of a Narroline door is stainable and made with natural pine. As for the exterior, the panels are wood with a urethane coating for added protection against the elements.

Glass Packages
Entry doors with larger glass areas maximize views and natural light. However, having more glass could mean you’re losing warmth or gaining undesirable heat through the unit. Here at Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta, we’ve found a way to combat this and help you save more on energy bills down the line.

Our standard replacement entry doors use High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, which offers benefits for insulation as well as ultraviolet (UV) protection. This glass option can block up to 84% of the sun’s harmful UV rays that can fade your home’s interior.

What’s more, multiple layers of low-emissivity (low-e) coating cover the exterior surface of the glass. This effectively bounces unwanted heat back where it came from. Compared to standard dual-pane glass, these specially coated units are 45% more energy-efficient in winter and 56% more in the summer! All in all, this glass package can help your energy bills go down by 25%.

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