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Things to Consider When Having Your Entry Doors Replaced

Having a good entry door is all about function, efficiency, and aesthetics. Selecting the appropriate door is a make or break decision, as this can affect your budget, security, and value of your home. And so if you are planning to replace your entry doors in Atlanta, what things should you consider when choosing the perfect door for your home?

Here are a couple of things:

Door Materials and Hardware

A great thing to do when you’re planning to have a door replacement is to research the material or product on your own. Here at Renewal by Andersen® in Atlanta, we use Fibrex material, which combines the maintenance ease of vinyl, with the durability and strength of wood. It can also be modified to mimic the look and form of almost any other window material, so it’s widely used and highly recommended.

Locks may look similar, but on the inside they are very different. Make sure to choose a quality lock that will stand up to a force entry, and which will be difficult to pick. Check with us for door and lock ideas that would go well together.


Doors made from Fibrex material provide excellent insulation that helps shield your home from extreme weather conditions, and keeps you comfortable. Energy-efficient doors will also help lower your energy bill over time, as it helps reduce your use of air-conditioning and the heating system.

Style, Design and Door Finish

Who does not want a home that is not only efficient but stylish as well? Make sure to match the style and color of your door choice to the interior and exterior of your home. Well-thought-of doors can also increase your home’s curb appeal.

Professional installers

To ensure the success of your replacement project for your entry door, or sliding patio doors in Atlanta, we recommend hiring a certified contractor. Aside from having proper documentation (insurance policy), you will be working with a professionally trained installer that is equipped for this kind of job.

So there, hopefully you’ve gained an initial insight on what things you should consider in your entry door replacement. Call us today at (888) 908-3332 here at Renewal by Andersen, and get a free in-home inspection in Atlanta.


"I had a very good experience with Renewal by Andersen, the large specialty window I purchased was expertly installed and looks beautiful."

Josh & Lauren, Grayson GA
May 25, 2016

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