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Foggy or Drafty Windows: Why They Shouldn’t Be Ignored

It’s easy to accept that window fogging is a part of everyday life. The truth is, the constant fogging of windows can indicate a problem. Why shouldn’t you ignore this sign? Here’s what the experts in double-hung windows installation Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta have to say: 

  1. It Can Damage Your HVAC Unit

Your windows can help you save energy by preventing hot and cold air from escaping, reducing the need for your HVAC system. So, if your windows are cloudy or drafty, replace them immediately. Otherwise, hot and cold air can seep from your home, causing your unit to work harder and shortening its lifespan.

  1. It Can Decrease Indoor Air Quality

The air you breathe in your home is only clean because your HVAC unit’s air filter eliminates impurities from the air, keeping it as clean as possible. However, if your windows are drafty, unfiltered and unclean air will flow into your home, negating the work your HVAC unit does. It can also induce mold growth, lowering the quality of your indoor air. 

So if you notice a draft coming through your casement windows, get replacement windows installed promptly to keep your interior air quality high.

  1. It Can Encourage Moisture Build-Up

Foggy and drafty windows can allow extra moisture into your home, causing rot in the wooden window and home components. Keeping this in mind, if your windows are drafty, call a professional to repair or replace them as soon as possible to avoid water damage.

  1. It Can Devalue Your Home

If you intend to sell your property soon, don’t disregard drafty or foggy windows. Because if a potential buyer sees them, they may not buy your home. If you plan to sell your home, you should get drafty or foggy windows repaired or replaced promptly.

Now that you’ve learned how to respond to the question, “Why you shouldn’t ignore drafty or foggy windows,” it’s time to learn how to fix them. The only way to remedy drafty or foggy windows is to replace them with something more fashionable and energy-efficient.

As your best expert for windows installation, Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta always gets the job done right. Get in touch with us today at (404) 737-6934 or fill out our online appointment form! We serve customers in and around Atlanta.


"I had a very good experience with Renewal by Andersen, the large specialty window I purchased was expertly installed and looks beautiful."

Josh & Lauren, Grayson GA
May 25, 2016

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