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Removing Hard Stains From Windows

Tidying up your place can be tiresome, sspecially in difficult areas where water leaves marks, such as the roof, the corners of the bathroom and windows too. Here, windows company Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta will share how to get rid of hard water stains easily.

Removing Hard Stains From Windows

Remove the stains by following these steps:

  1. Prepare a mixture of water and vinegar with an equal amount.
  2. In the solution, soak a towel.
  3. Press it onto the areas on the window and let it sit for at least a minute or two. In this step, the acidity will soften the mineral deposits making them easier to wipe off.
  4. Continue pressing and wiping the towel on the window until the spots disappear. Remember that you may have to repeat the process several times until all the spots are gone.
  5. Let the window dry with a rag.

Meanwhile, there are also self-cleaning windows for homeowners. Any windows contractor would recommend these as they save more time and money. It will also help prevent the risk of accidents when people wobble up ladders with buckets of water. 

What makes self-cleaning windows special is that they have a very thin outer coating of titanium dioxide. This is a white, powdery titanium compound best known for giving that dazzling gleam to paint, toothpaste and all kinds of other bright white things. Its coating is thin and it is created to reduce the light passing through the glass by at least 5%.

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