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Everything You Need to Know About Replacement Windows from Renewal by Andersen®

Got a question about Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows for your home? We have answers to the most commonly asked questions from homeowners like you! We want you to be a more informed consumer so that you can make the best choice when selecting new windows for your home.

Windows FAQ

Q: What’s the best kind of window frame to buy?
A: In choosing a material for your window frames and sashes you should look for the best combination of strength, durability, insulating properties, ease of maintenance, and attractiveness. Each of the frame choices on the market today offers some of these features. Wood frames are attractive, but require regular maintenance and can be affected by changes in the weather. Vinyl frames are easy to care for, but may also sag and warp. Aluminum frames are strong, but offer almost zero insulation. The only frame material that offers ALL of the characteristics you want is Fibrex®, which is made exclusively by Renewal by Andersen®.

Q: Can replacing my old windows really save me money on heating and cooling costs?
A: Yes! Up to one-third of the money you spend to heat and cool your home can be lost as the energy (warm air in winter, cooled air in summer) “escapes” through inefficient windows. Older style frames and non-insulated glass allow thermal energy to pass easily between the outside of your home and the inside. But today’s replacement windows feature insulated frames and glass packages that create a thermal barrier to prevent energy loss. This means you’ll use less energy to heat and cool your home and see lower energy bills.

Q: Do I have to replace all my windows at one time?
A: To realize the maximum energy savings you should replace all of your old windows. But you don’t have to do it all at once. Even replacing a few at a time will help to reduce energy use and lower your heating and cooling bills. We can help put you on a replacement schedule that will gradually put you on the road to replacing all of your windows in a reasonable time period.

Q: Can I save money by installing my new windows myself?
A: Proper installation is essential for today’s replacement windows to be fully effective. That’s why our windows include professional installation by our factory-trained crews. We want to make sure the fit is perfect and your new windows will be properly balanced for optimum performance.

Q: My local hardware store sells replacement windows. Aren’t they all the same?
A: Not by a long shot! “Off-the-shelf” windows from your local home center are generally of a lower quality to satisfy home builders who are looking for the cheapest window, without regard to window performance. Plus, you may need to modify your home to fit the available sizes, an extensive remodeling process that takes time and money. Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows, on the other hand, are custom sized to fit your home, and are engineered to deliver superior performance.

Q: Why do you put “inert gas” between the panes of glass in your windows?
A: Inert gas such as argon or krypton serves as a highly effective barrier to prevent the transfer of thermal energy through conduction. You can tell how effective it is by placing your hand on the inside of the glass on a cold day, only to find it is barely cool to the touch! But you should also be sure that the glass is properly sealed to the frame so that energy can’t “leak” around the edges – a detail many window manufacturers overlook.

Q: Do I have to replace my windows with the exact same style of window? I think I might like to change things up.
A: Not necessarily. Although some window styles are more appropriate for the particular architectural style of the home, we have been able to create a dramatic look for many customers by combining styles and shapes of windows. Just think of how wonderful it would be to add an expansive picture window in place of two smaller windows! We’ll sit down with you to go over all of your options, including colors, finishes, and window hardware.

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